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Phase 1: Building a Solid Financial Foundation
* Financial Report Cards
* Accountability
* Generate More Cash
* Reduce Debt
* Fund Your Investment Account
* Build Cash Machines 

Join me in my quest to launch a training academy that will provide AFFORDABLE wealth building classes, financial coaching, community investment club options and small business startup grants for every household in NWFL... and expand our program across the USA. 

NO cash, credit, income restrictions or special skills are required to participate. If you are over the age of 18 and of sound mind, YOU are eligible to join our Academy or become one of our Sponsors and enjoy the financial benefits of our "earn as you learn" training academy and the exciting revenue-sharing royalty rewards program

Continue reading to learn about how you can benefit from joining us in our efforts as we launch the US Ambassadors For Prosperity's first project of 2019: 
the Aspiring Millionairess Wealth Building Academy
Inspiration, Training & Resources For the Aspiring Millionairess 

** Announcements **

Inspiration, Training & Resources For the Aspiring Millionairess

What could YOU do with some extra cash each month?

* help make ends meet
* pay off debt
* travel the world
* random acts of kindness; bless someone on the spot.

* fund that dream vacation, send the kids to camp or other bucket list item
* become a philanthropist and support your favorite charities
* build a retirement nest egg
* buy your dream home
* buy a business, use it as a cash machine for life

What We Do
As a Professional Mastermind group, we meet, brainstorm, generate and discuss money making opportunities that have the potential to provide our teams with a steady stream stream of cashflow each month, quarter and year.  

The Short Version:
We help one another fund the life of our dreams;
a life worth smiling and talking about!

Earn As You Learn Training Academy
Classes - Workshops - Seminars - Resources - Network
Using the wealth building framework and tools of some the world's top authorities on personal finance, wealth building and entrepreneurship, we use what we learn to create, fund and launch small business startups. 

1. We assess the skillsets of our teams, chapters and network and work together to raise the capital needed to fund the Grant Program. No income, credit or special skills are required. 

2. We invite the community to submit their business ideas for startup grant funding. We vote on which projects we wish to support every 90-days with our Grant Funding.

3. Every time one of our Sponsored Projects earn $1, a percentage is set aside as a revenue-sharing royalty for our supporters. Royalties are split equitably among each Supporter every month or quarter, depending on the project contract. 

4. Every 90-days we hold a region-wide event to celebrate and recognize our achievements and distribute any financial rewards to Trainees.  

** Disclaimer ** 
As in any business, there can never be any guarantees of income expressed or implied. It is against the law for anyone to state otherwise. 

You must be committed and coachable. 
You must be SERIOUS about your financial future and the financial future of our teams, chapters and network. 
If we have a weak link, we lose our power and our momentum. 
Don't become the WEAK link!

** Expectations **

* Participate in Online discussion forums each week
* Attend & Participate in (1) LIVE event each month
* Submit weekly & monthly financial report card summaries for each project

* Complete all homework assignments on time; i.e. reading, listening to audio, watching dvds, powerpoints, answering questions. 

Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?
* 48% of Americans dream of starting their own business
* 51% who launch are over 50
* 69% start their business from home
* 51% have been "thinking about it" for 2 years; 31% for 5 or more years
* NWFL is home to 158K Seniors over 60 and 6 thousand NEW retirees every year. 

Bottom Line:
We have an unbelievable opportunity before us in NWFL. We can help these aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dream of starting their own business. Every time one of these small business startups earn $1...YOU could be getting a piece of the action. NO fine print, NO red tape...month after month, year after year. 

Sometimes it PAYS to be FIRST...

We have 371K households in our region. To keep things manageable, and our growth at a reasonable rate, we will begin with a few very specific target markets. Women will be our FIRST target for the Academy. Anyone, male or female, kids or adults can submit a business idea proposal for grant consideration. 

The Plan
My plan is to launch chapters in each of our 5 counties, work with teams to get our system perfected, THEN...expand our program to other target markets inside and outside our region. 

Academy Headquarters
I've found and negotiated the price on an awesome highly visible space at the mall for our permanent headquarters; a place we can all call home. We will be able to host events, training, meetings and client consultations in this space. Meeting space in our region for large groups are hard to find, next to impossible to schedule events on a regular basis and are priced outrageously. are one of our Founding Academy Supporters, who opt to help us in this exciting startup phase...YOUR life could be radically transformed beginning in 2019 in more ways that just your bank account!

As a Founding Member Supporter who registers during the month of December, you will be eligible for exciting perks, bucket list activities & events and revenue-sharing royalty rewards on ALL nationwide registrations and ALL projects for the next 2 YEARS.  

Rewards are calculated each month beginning on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month at 5pm. Any Royalty Rewards for Founding Academy Supporters will be split equitably among each supporter based on their level of support and paid MONTHLY, no later than the first week of the following month. 

Role Of a Supporter
Your Monthly or Quarterly Support is considered a gift of Sponsorship, not an investment. Sponsors can live anywhere world-wide. This means NO red tape, NO fine print or legalities that waste valuable time and resources. Simple, easy to understand and straight forward. 

Who do you know that might be looking for an affordable opportunity to increase their monthly cash flow this year?

Most businesses fail due to lack of cashflow, not because the business is not profitable or not a good business idea...but simply because the Entrepreneur ran out of cash to operate. 

With that said, I will minimize this risk by operating our Training Academy similar to how non-profits operate; begin each year with at least 1 year's operating budget in the bank.  

This will be achieved by obtaining annual Sponsors and offering them attractive revenue-sharing rewards. Royalties are based on revenue generated, NOT profitability; a win-win for everyone involved. Every time the Academy earns a dollar, every Supporter will get a piece of that dollar. 

Although there can't be any guarantees of income expressed or implied, the goal of course would be that the Royalty Rewards exceed the level of Support each year, which will encourage each Supporter to renew their Sponsorship commitments each year.  

Sponsorship Goal - 1 Year Operating Expenses
Sponsorship Gifts will be used, but not limited to the following purposes:
1. Lease and furnish the classroom and office space at the mall, 
2. Hire & train financial coaches, class facilitators and administrative staff 
3. Purchase resources for our new Academy Headquarters
4. Professional & personal development tools, training and resources from world renown experts which may include workshops, conferences, seminars, coaching, etcetera.  
5. Local, region and nation-wide advertising and publicity campaign to introduce and promote our products and services to every household across the USA, beginning in NWFL. 

** Sponsorship Options **

Silver: $300
Royalty Reward: 10%
$50 down at Registration
Payment #1: $30,  
Payments #2-12: $20 each. 

Gold: $400
Royalty Reward: 15%
$50 down at Registration
Payments #1 - 11: $30 each
Payment #12: $20

Bronze: $650
Royalty Reward: 25%
$50 down at Registration
12 Payments of $50 each

Platinum: $1250
Royalty Reward: 50%
$50 down at Registration
12 Monthly Payments of $100 each

Sponsorship Registration Link:

Click HERE to register as a Sponsor

** Royalty Rewards Calculation Example **
Registrations: $15 each (23% Royalty x $65)

Sponsorship Distribution of 1 Registration:
$15 * 10% = $1.50 divided among all Silver Sponsors

$15 * 15% = $2.25 divided among all Gold Sponsors

$15 * 25% = $3.75 divided among all Bronze Sponsors

$15 * 50% = $7.50 divided among all Bronze Sponsors

$1.50 + $2.25 + $3.75 + $7.50 = $15 Royalty Available Per Registration

Join The Academy!
Early Bird Academy Registration: $65
ends December 15th

*** Limited Space Is Available ***
Each Training Cohort Chapter is limited to 20 Teams of 5 people each

Click HERE to Register

OR click the link below

Annual Tuition: $300
Payment Plan Option: $75 Per Quarter
Begins January 1, 2019.