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Looking for an affordable life-changing gift idea for yourself, a family member, friend, co-worker or employee? Look no further!

What will it take to transform your ordinary, mundane life to "EXTRAORDINARY;" a life worth smiling and talking about?! Most people would say "time and money," but they'd be WRONG. The people you spend the most time with on a daily basis plays a major factor on your level of income and success... or lack thereof. 

Bottom Line... If you want to soar with the eagles you have to quit hanging out with the turkeys!

If you aren't inspired by the people around you each day, perhaps it's time to meet some NEW people!

Join today and let us help you rise higher in 2019! Do more, be more, achieve more! We help ordinary people live extraordinary lives. 

Here's what OUR PEOPLE (Ordinary Women Living Extraordinary Lives) are planning for the upcoming year....why not join us? Don't worry about how you will pay for it; we have several options from which you can choose. 

If you have $30, $50 or $100 you can commit every can afford to participate and make this one of the BEST years ever! Join us for an upcoming potluck Lunch or Dinner Party for Achievers and find out all the details.  NO obligation, NO pressure. 

Monthly Topics: 
Week 1: Personal Development 
Week 2: Entrepreneurship / Small Business Startups / Business Opportunities
Week 3: Wealth Building & Investing
Week 4: Recognition & Rewards

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My name is Nancy Gaskins. 
I'm a Serial Entrepreneur on a quest to make a difference in the lives of others as well as make a positive and lasting impact on my community, the nation and our world. 

My plan is to spread seeds of hope and entrepreneurial opportunity in every community across America, beginning in Northwest Florida. I need your help and am willing to reward you handsomely for your efforts. No experience, income or credit is necessary. NO red tape or fine print. 

We're launching some very exciting programs in 2019. The overall theme this year is to focus on programs, products and services that can help everyday people equip their passion and purpose in an effort to create and live a life worth smiling & talking about.

Keep in mind, we're all in different stages of life and goals will look different for every individual who participates. We will be tracking our results, recognizing one another for our achievements and share what we've learned with others in the hopes of inspiring them to follow suit. Join our team and learn how you can also benefit financially from improving every aspect of your personal and professional life in 2019.  

What's YOUR Dream?
Not everyone wants to be an "entrepreneur." Not everyone desires to own or operate a small business, but 48% of Americans say they have that dream. The other 52% has the opportunity to capitalize on that statistic and help those 48% achieve their dream.

We have 375 THOUSAND households in Northwest Florida! Imagine every time a small business startup earns $1, YOU could be getting a piece of the action! Month after month, year after year. Your decision to help someone achieve their dream has the potential to help fund your OWN personal dreams and aspirations. Our group makes that possible. 

Who Do You Know...
If you or someone you know is self-employed and sells a great product or service, we'd like to work with them as Referral Partners and Mastermind Think Tanks to help them increase their sales each month. Limited space is available. 

Some of you may be looking for a side gig to bring in a few extra dollars each week to help make ends meet or increase your lifestyle. Some may have a business idea and need help fleshing out the details, funding or launching your new venture. Our amazing group of talented women can help you with all of these things. Join us and let us help you brainstorm ideas, explore business opportunities and find the perfect fit. 

Most of us would say we have areas of our personal and professional lives we'd like to improve. Come share your dreams and let us help you create a plan filled with strategies that will help you increase your odds of mega success in 2019! Two heads are better than one...imagine what 100 ambitious, smart and talented women could help YOU achieve in 2019?!

Membership Drive Kickoff
Bon Appetit Lunch & Dinner Parties For High Achievers is a Mastermind Alliance Network of twenty 5 person teams per Chapter that meet on a regular basis online and offline in homes and businesses throughout the region in an effort to help one another reach the dreams and aspirations they have set for their personal and professional lives.

We brainstorm ideas, share information, tips, advice and resources, and collaborate on projects that will help make our communities a better place to live, work and play. Projects are crowdfunded by our Project Supporters and we reward them with revenue-sharing royalty rewards each month or quarter depending on the project.  

Monthly Topics: 
Week 1: Personal Development 
Week 2: Entrepreneurship / Small Business Startups / Business Opportunities
Week 3: Wealth Building & Investing
Week 4: Recognition & Rewards

Membership: $50/Year ($35/Yr during early bird registration) PLUS
$10 Per Event Seat Reservation (Save $$$ when you reserve multiple seats each quarter)

We will provide inspiration, training and resources to help everyday people do more, be more and achieve more in their personal and professional lives. Not just financially, but in EVERY area of your life. See the scroll below for our vision and commitment statements. 

We've opted for the "potluck-style" event because its more intimate and makes it more affordable for more women to participate more often; a win-win. 

To help everyday people create, fund and live a well-balanced life filled with purpose, achievement and financial prosperity; lives worth smiling and talking about! 

This is your personal invitation to join us in our quest to transform America, one community at a time, beginning right here in Northwest Florida. 

Click HERE to Register As a Mastermind Member!

Revenue-Sharing Rewards Available: 
There are 375 thousand households and approximately 64 thousand businesses. We need help getting the word out and invite every household in the region to participate. 

Project Rewards: 40% Royalty on all Annual Registrations

Campaign support provides the capital necessary for us to pitch, fund, advertise & promote, launch, manage and sustain the day to day operations of each project for a minimum of 18 months. A royalty reward of $20 is pledged for every registration and renewal of $50. ($50x40%).

Every time the campaign generates a dollar, Supporters will get a royalty percentage. Rewards are distributed the first week of each month for the period ending the last day of the month prior. For example, royalty rewards for January 1-31st will be calculated and distributed the first week of February, 2019. The goal is for the Rewards to exceed the amount of Support received over time. 

If you've been looking for another source of income stream each month, you should consider becoming one of our Crowdfunding Supporters with revenue sharing royalty rewards program eligibility. Contact me for more information. 

** Income Disclaimer **
As in any business, there can never be any guarantees of income expressed or implied. It is against the law for anyone to say otherwise. 




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Building Relationships Throughout Our Region...

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