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Get a Life in 2019!

Rise Higher - Do More - Be More - Achieve More
Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives. 

Emerald Coast Ambassadors...
Lives Worth Smiling and Talking About!

We provide affordable opportunities for everyday people
to create, fund and live the life of their dreams. 
Join Today!

Northwest Florida INVITATIONS are now available for 2019
and are currently being distributed.

To Learn More...
Join us on Tuesdays & Fridays throughout NW Florida

We will be celebrating NWFL ladies who have birthdays each month, discussing our 2019 "10 Days to $10 Million" investment club projects, as well as learn more about the benefits of joining our tribe in 2019. All ladies of NWFL are welcome to attend. 
RSVPs Are Required: Tickets are $10 each

Click HERE to reserve a seat

Membership Goal: 10% of all Households
375,000 households in NWFL x 10% = 37,500 Members
375 Chapters of 100 Women each located throughout NWFL
Email to request an invitation.
Here's what to look for...

** Who We Are **

We are a group of positive thinking, ambitious WOMEN with a variety of interests and backgrounds. We strive to make a difference by living lives of excellence and pursuing our version of the American Dream.

We believe that actions should speak louder than words, so we hold one another accountable and keep track. 

We are committed to helping one another achieve their life's goals by sharing ideas, experience, knowledge and resources. 

What We Do - How We Do It
We are a group of high achievers that meet on a regular basis online and offline in homes and businesses throughout the region in an effort to help one another reach the dreams and aspirations they have set for their personal and professional lives. 

We network, socialize and have fun together on a regular basis.

We brainstorm ideas, problem-solve, share information, tips, advice and resources, and collaborate on entrepreneurial projects that will help make our communities a better place to live, work and play.

10 Days To $10 Million:
Aspiring Investors Mastermind Group
Focus: Wealth Building / Multiple Streams of Income / Entrepreneurship

What's holding you back from living the life of your dreams? Most people say "time and money." If that happens to be your excuse...Congratulations! You are in good company, your ship has just come in, and your "someday" has finally arrived because we now have a specific MASTERMIND option to get rid of that limitation on your life in 2019.

We're launching an innovative community investment club network that will begin in Northwest Florida and extend across the nation. No experience, red tape or restrictions to participate. This program provides an AFFORDABLE opportunity for everyday families to have a vested interest in one another and in communities and small businesses across America. 

Every 90-days THIS Mastermind Group will meet and brainstorm small business startup ideas and projects for our region. Each Chapter works as 20 groups of 5 Mastermind Team Members each.

Each Member makes a monthly or quarterly contribution of $30, $50 or $100 based on their budget.

Grant Projects are "pitched," and Members vote on which ones to fund using our quarterly crowdfunded campaign dollars.

Every time one of our Projects earns $1, Supporters will receive a revenue-sharing royalty reward which can be rolled forward, redeemed for visa gift cards to use at your discretion or you may use towards life enrichment (bucket list) activities and events. 

Crowdfunding Campaign Registration:
$125 Per Year 
3 Levels of Sponsorship: $30, $50 or $100 every 90-days 
1-year pledge contract required. 

To learn more about joining one or more of our exciting Mastermind Groups, join us for an upcoming kickoff party, brainstorming and information session in Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Navarre and Gulf Breeze. Lunch (11:30-1pm)/Supper (6-7:30pm) will be dutch treat. RSVPs are required to reserve our seating. Click to reserve a seat and I will send you Reservation link: $20 each. 

Join Our Tribe!
Two Heads Are Better Than One

Imagine what a network of interconnected chapters of 100+ ambitious, smart and talented women could help YOU achieve in 2019?!

We meet each week (online and offline) and FOCUS on a different aspect of our personal and professional lives. Imagine what YOUR life could look like if you put a little more effort towards your dreams and aspirations in 2019?

Join Our NWFL Life Group
What To Expect...

1. Regional Birthday Party Celebrations 
2. Travel & Bucket List Adventures
3. Life Enrichment Activities & Events
4. Earn As You Learn Investment Club, Wealth Building & Money Management Classes, Financial Coaching
5. Personal & Professional Development 
6. Resource Library
7. Mastermind Dinner Parties For Achievers
8. Womens' Non-Denominational Bible Studies
9. Quarterly Magazine
10. Podcasts - Seminars - Workshops - Conferences
11. Networking

Monthly Topics: 
Week 1: Personal & Professional Development 
Week 2: Entrepreneurship / Small Business Startups / Business Opportunities
Week 3: Money Management, Financial Coaching, Wealth Building & Investment Club
Week 4: Special Events

January Membership Drive 

Pensacola, Pace, Milton 
Navarre, Gulf Breeze 
Fort Walton Beach, Destin

Chapters are now forming in all 5 counties of NWFL:
Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay Counties

Benefits of Joining Our Team:
A crystal clear vision of the life you desire, a strategic plan with built in accountability and access to a Mastermind Team who is 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the goals and aspirations you have set for your personal and professional life. 
Don't let the words "I can't afford it, or I don't have the time,"
be your EXCUSE in 2019. 

If you have ONE DOLLAR PER DAY...
you can afford make 2019 one of the BEST years ever! 

Join us for an upcoming potluck Lunch or Dinner Party for Achievers and find out all the details, including how we will be paying for exciting bucket list trips and activities, along with ideas on how YOU can fund your own personal bucket list for life beginning in 2019.  NO obligation, NO pressure. 

Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives.
Lives Worth Smiling & Talking About!

Our goal is to help you ENRICH every area of your life, not just your personal finances. We will be implementing the success habits of high achievers and tracking our results. To view our vision and commitment statements in each category of distinction, you will find it list listed on the tan parchment scroll at the bottom of this page.

Here's a reminder of the topics of discussion for each of our lunch & dinner party events, broken down by week of the month. 

Monthly Topics: 
Week 1: Personal & Professional Development 
Week 2: Entrepreneurship / Small Business Startups / Business Opportunities
Week 3: Money Management, Financial Coaching, Wealth Building & Investment Club
Week 4: Special Events

Click HERE to reserve a seat

2019 Proposed Bucket List Trips and Activities

My name is Nancy Gaskins. 
I'm a Serial Entrepreneur on a quest to make a difference in the lives of others as well as make a positive and lasting impact on my community, the nation and our world by sowing seeds of hope and entrepreneurial opportunity every chance I get.   

What's YOUR Dream?
If you aren't inspired by the people around you each day, perhaps it's time to meet some NEW people! Join our tribe today and let us help you rise higher in 2019! Do more, be more, achieve more! 

What's holding you back from living the life of your dreams? The top two reasons cited are "time and money." US Ambassadors For Prosperity was created specifically to help you break free from those limitations. 

Most of us would say we have areas of our personal and professional lives we'd like to improve. Come share your dreams and let us help you create a plan filled with strategies that will help you increase your odds of mega success in 2019!

Thank you for dropping by and learning more about our 2019 opportunities. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning more about the dreams you have inside your head and heart!

Kindest Regards,
Nancy Gaskins
Emerald Coast Ambassador

*** Membership Drive Kickoff ***

Anyone, male or female over the age of 18 is eligible for Membership. The only requirement is that you MUST BE A REGISTERED VOTER and you must have VOTED in the last Presidential Race and Mid-term elections. Any party affiliation is welcome.  

If not, you will have to wait until the next election cycle, register to vote and vote before you will be eligible for Membership. NO EXCEPTIONS. YES, it's that important to me. 

My husband is a retired Army Infantryman of 23+ years; a disabled Veteran with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart recipient. My children and their spouses have also served to protect our freedoms, which one of those is our freedom to VOTE, which I consider a privilege. NO Vote....NO Voice...NO Membership.  

I've heard all the excuses of "why" people don't vote.
It's important to note that I don't care HOW you vote of your party affiliation; this isn't about politics.

I care if you deem it important enough to be part of a democratic process that our forefathers fought hard to establish and defend. I care that our military families know in their hearts that they are serving for something that is worth fighting for, should it become necessary to do so.  

Annual Membership Sponsorship: $365/Year

Payment Plan Option:
$65 down, $75 every 90-days. 

Your Sponsorship entitles you or a designated substitute to participate in any of our activities and events throughout the region. 

We will provide inspiration, training and resources to help everyday people do more, be more and achieve more in their personal and professional lives. Not just financially, but in EVERY area of your life. See the scroll below for our vision and commitment statements. 

To help everyday people create, fund and live a well-balanced life filled with purpose, achievement and financial prosperity; lives worth smiling and talking about! 

This is your personal invitation to join us in our quest to transform America, one community at a time, beginning right here in Northwest Florida.

Click HERE to reserve a seat




Your Support Will Help Us Expand Our Network and Reach...
Building Relationships Throughout Our Region...

We Promote Our Program & Members Through Memberships in
Professional, Civic, Charitable Organizations, 
Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce.

ABWA - Emerald Coast Chapter

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

      GB Chamber     


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Nancy Gaskins. 2009-19. All rights reserved.

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